It's Me! Tavo

Gustavo Jaimes Tattooer

Hi, I'm Gustavo Jaimes. Also known as "Gus," and occasionally "Tavo" too.

I'm a lifelong neighbor of Disneyland, and continue to hang around the neighborhood, working as a tattooer at Torch Tattoo in beautiful Anaheim, California.

It's no secret that my passions revolve around hockey, coffee, music, photography, Topo Chico, tattooing, and my neighborhood joints. All of my illustrations celebrate these loves of my life, and are available for purchase right here from this very website. 

I'm always open to doing commissions, so send me a message if you'd like to chat. 

When I'm not drawing, you can find me tattooing over at Torch Tattoo, located at the heart of Anaheim. If you're local or planning a visit, and you're interested in getting tattooed by me, check out the info on this page.

I'm most active on my Instagram, so go hit that follow button.

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